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We provide our customers after-sales by highly experienced technical staff

Who are we?

Founded in 2001, Premier Business Inter Co, Ltd is a company specializing in the supply and distribution of medical equipments for therapeutic radiology ranging from a Linear Accelerator (LINAC) and Treatment Planning Machine for Cancer Patients to X-ray Simulator.

We provide our customers after-sales services by highly experienced technical staff who have been trained from our business partners, which are global leaders in radiation oncology. In 2008, the company was appointed by the Netherlands-based Nucletron B.V.―one of the world's most innovative and effective cancer treatment options by customers worldwide―as the designated sales distributor of its brachytherapic machine for cancer treatment. Nucletron B.V. has been acknowledged as the global market leader in brachytherapy. Our domestic sales associate, Philips Electronics (Thailand) Co., Ltd is a distributor of diagnostic radiology equipments, for example, digital radiography and various types of mobile X-Ray systems.

Organization and Administration

The company recognizes the importance of human resources management/ development. Thus, we consistently organized seminars and workshops to enhance employee capability as well as sponsor them for study tours in foreign countries. We are determined to strive towards excellence and becoming highly competitive on the global scene.

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